Systems Integration, Acoustics

Systems Integration

We are experts in Studio Systems Integration.

Coming from an analogue background, we understand how to plan and install complex audio systems and associated wiring. As Pro Tools Experts we also have the skills to understand how to install digital systems, the crossover between analogue and digital equipment and how to integrate them.

By carefully assessing your budget and objectives we can provide a carefully designed plan for your project.

From initial consultation to design, planning and installation we will provide the expert knowledge and tools required to get the best out of your budget and meet your objectives. Our services include:

• Power Requirements (Phase, Balanced, Grounding, Filtering).

• Workflow and Systems Integration.

• Advice on DAWs including expert advice on Pro Tools systems.

• Equipment Selection including expertise with analogue/vintage gear selection.

• Patchbay planning, configuration and installation.

• Calibration, Testing and Maintenance.

• Electronics – System installation, custom equipment and repair.

• Training and Support (from a qualified and experienced tutor).

Unlike, other consultation services we are not an equipment reseller and, therefore, offer completely impartial advice on the best products to suit your requirements, rather than trying to sell you the latest items on the market.

We can also offer you advice on investing in audio equipment, ensuring the key pieces of your system will be more likely to maintain their usefulness and value over a number of years.

Choosing the correct gear is only part of process. Equipment that is not properly integrated can cause further problems, resulting in further outlay to address issues, many of which can be predicted and corrected during our planning process.

A good Studio Systems Consultation should save you both time and money.

Patchbays, in particular, can seem especially complex when designing a studio and yet, they offer a great deal of felxibility to quickly adapt your system to suit various recording needs. We can plan, design and implement even the most complex patchbay systems. Including precise labelling.

If you would like to se a sample of our work please check out our Blog posts on the Systems Integration of Beliefspace Studio here:

Audio Geekery

System Integration 1

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Acoustics & Studio Design

With real experience on completed and ongoing projects (Beliefspace, Studio City Rooms and Neath Studio) we can provide consultancy on all aspects of soundproofing and acoustic design. We can provide designs via Sketch Up and as physical models where required.

Designs can be implemented in Sketch Up 3D software to enable you to visualise the space before building commences.

Physical Models can be created to more effectovely communicate the ideas of sound control structures to builders.

We can also advise during the build process.

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