On Friday evening we suffered a burst valve in our boiler, resulting in a major water leak into the studio corridor and recording room. More here: Water Damage.

This weekend we’ve been busy planning, clearing and cleaning. After the main equipment was rescued on Friday with the help of my excellent band members, Helen and I managed to get all the sensitive equipment, stored in the corridor, upstairs away from the water. 

We then re-arranged the Control Room which was unaffected, fortunately, to make it usable whilst we tackle the corridor and recording room.  Moving the piano to safety in the process.

Then we set about hatching a plan to paint the live room floor and put down rugs instead of new carpet – which should make the acoustic more adaptable in that room, as well as serving as an earlier warning system should a leak ever happen again (hopefully not).  Here’s one of the rugs that’s going in the live room, under drums…

My Dad, who’s a Chartered Surveyor, popped around with a Damp Meter to assess the extent of damage and, I’m pleased, to report it was minimal and, thankfully, it was clean, fresh water too.

 After discussing the best plan of action we went about cleaning and scrubbing the concrete floor in preparation for patching and painting.  Removing all the bits of old paint and plaster on the floor left over from the wall and ceiling build.

The tin of paint visible by the lamp is the tester pot of floor paint.

We’ll be running dehumidifiers in there for as long as possible to make sure everything is dry before tackling the floors.  However, we should be back up and running for recording very soon, and we still have a working Control Room for mixing.

It’s coming (back) together nicely.

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