Yesterday evening we suffered a boiler leak resulting in a lot of water damage to the studio corridor and recording room.  Fortunately, it was right at the beginning of a rehearsal so I had my awesome band mates and my lovely wife there to help me find and stop the leak, and deal with the damage…

The recording room floor covering did not survive, we had to rip out the carpet and the rubber floor underlay which was saturated. The softer sandwich of rubber has acted like a sponge soaking up the water and pulling it across the room.  As you can see, in the picture above, there was quite a lot of water.

Water was turned off, plumber was called (thankful for British Gas Homeserve), water was swept out of the door and carpet were pulled up and, despite everything hilarity still managed to ensue at points…

The floor looked a lot better this morning after drying out, and better gain this evening.

So, where do we go from here?  Well, we’ve decided to clean, patch and paint the concrete floor and put down a lot of rugs.  Firstly, as an early warning system should a leak happen again and secondly so we can change the acoustic of the space by moving the rugs around.

So, this morning, we moved all the sensitive equipment from the effected areas up into the house.  It was a marathon but everything is safe and, very fortunately, the Control Room was totally unscathed, so mixing can continue whilst we sort out the rest of the studio.

This afternoon, we went shopping, bought floor cleaning supplies, some test paint and three rugs to start off the collection. So we should be back up and running again as soon as we clean, dry and paint the floor.

It’s been an emotional weekend but, I’m looking forward to a new chapter in Beliefspace Studio – New live room, exciting new recording projects and bringing back Live in Session in HD in 2015.

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