With festival gig season starting next week, I thought I would take the opportunity to sort out my Lena Smith Band analogue pedalboard for quick set-up and change over.

For the guitarists/pedal geeks my set-up is:

Fender standard US Tele –>

Ernie Ball Volume Jr. (-> Sonic Research ST-200 Tuner) -> Morley Maverick Wah -> ProCo RAT -> Fulltone Deja Vibe -> TS-808 clone (DIY build – see this blog and this blog) -> Modified EA Tremolo (DIY build – check this blog) -> TC XII Phaser -> Boss DM-2 delay -> Boss DM-3 delay

–> Mesa 5:25+ Express Head (8 ohm) into a Orange PPC212 OB 2×12″ cab (16ohm) – I like the sound that the impedance mis-match provides.

The finished board – the more technically savvy amongst you will notice that there are 9 pedals that require power on this board and I’m using a pedal power 2 which has 8 outputs.  I created a ‘Y’ lead to power the tuner and wah from one of the L6 outputs. The DM-2 is running from an unregulated output but I modified the DM-3 to use a regulated power supply when I bought it many years ago.  The TS-808 and RAT are on the outputs with the ‘sag’ control – which can provide some interesting sounds but I don’t use them for Lena Smith Band stuff.
MDF cut to size to fit in the flight case.  I got the hardware store to cut it to size as it’s free and they have the better cutting tools than me 🙂

The base needed to be stripped, as it previously had a base which velcro stuck to, but it wasn’t properly glued and soon fell off rendering it useless.

Painting the boards.  I decided to make a spare for future use…

Assembling the board, with industrial strength (expensive) velcro.
The biggest challenge was the RAT.  I had to find four screws to replace the feet, as the screws that hold on the feet also hold the unit together, as the battery plate had to be removed, because the nut protruded from the bottom, I decided to shrink-wrap the battery clip to insulate from grounding on the metal case and disrupting the power, unlikely but just in case.

Running the power and audio cables.
This velcro is strong, left the board like this for ten minutes and nothing moved at all.  Probably means I’ll have some fun trying to pull pedals off if I want to make changes, but for gigging these aren’t going anywhere.

Lena Smith Band Songs and effects…
Ferris – TC XII and DM-3 (solo), RAT (end solo)
Live It Up
– RAT (Verses and Chorus’), TC XII and RAT (solo)
Fly – TC XII (verses) RAT (chorus’ & solo)
Miss Crazy Lady – Deja Vibe (riff/hook), Wah (verses, mid-8), RAT+Wah (solo)
Iceman – DM-2, DM-3, TC XII and eBow
Earbender, Tell Me, Baby, FLoating – TS808 (on throughout song for boost and compression)
Get Movin’ – DM-2 (slapback on riffs)
Hungry – Tremolo (verse 1 and 6), RAT (verse 2 and 5)
Love Lies – TS-808 (verse 2 & 3, chorus’), Tremolo (mid-8), RAT (solo)
Walls – RAT (riff and solo), DM-3 and RAT (intro)
Doesn’t Have To – TS-808 (riff), Tremolo (verses)
Blink of an Eye, Floating – TS-808 (throughout for boost, compression)
Lost Soul, Autumn Song – DM-3 (riff)
Brand New Times – Tremolo (verses)
Sing You to Sleep – DM-3 (throughout)

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