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Beliefspace Studio 2012-2018

For many years growing up I always dreamed of owning and running my own recording studio, back in the days when the only way a band could make a demo was to beg, borrow or steal a cassette based 4-track recorder.  (I have fond memories of the Yamaha MT-120 with graphic EQ!)

In 1998, I was lucky enough to realise my dream and, with help for the Prince’s Youth Business Trust, I set-up my first studio Tanglewood Studio, which was a 16 track studio based around two old, ADAT machines.  In those days 16 tracks was an amazing facility  to most bands who had access to 4, maybe 8 at best.  Studios were advertised on the amount of tracks they had.  In the late nineties the local recording Industry was booming and, influenced by Albini, Vig and a host of other engineers/producers, I learned my craft by rcording, recording and more recording.  Most weekends and evenings, I honed my skills, I mixed, I remixed (I listen to those mixes now and they sound okay, surprisingly).  I was passionate, driven and 21 years old.

When I eventually managed to purchase my own house, in 2007, I did so with a studio space in mind.  After countless hours of looking at unsuitable houses, my sister spotted a perfect space with a great space, a basement which ran underneath the entire house.  Thus Beliefspace Studio was born,  a digital studio with an analogue heart; and close to my heart.  The year was 2012 and most people were now able to record whatever they wanted on their own computers in their own homes.

We’ve had some great times in this space, Live in Session was born here (and continues to run from Momentum Studios), we made some great Lena Smith Band recordings in here.  We’ve had some amazing Jams and the space has been filled with love, light and music.  I’ll be sad to see it go but lif changes and we must press on to new pastures and a swift sunrise.

RIP my beautiful friend.  You taught me more about myself, life and business than you ever did about recording and, for that, I’m truly grateful.

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